About Us - Snehankit brings a variety ranges of product when it comes to electrical engineering .


POWERTEMPLE has been a phenomenal product.
                                            - CIDCO

We are really satisfied with this new technology that has limited usage of old ways.
                                            - MSED

About Us


SNEHANKIT has been a named that was established in the year 1988. It was started as a cherished dream project by B.G. Shirolkar. The venture that was established with a limited proximity of resources and acknowledgement took off as one of the major choice for the industrial leader, Government Sectors and specialized manufacturers.

We provides the service and workforce as in Testing Engineers, Power Transformers Repairing, Power Temple, Distribution Transformers Repairing, Licensed Electrical Contractor and Commissioning Engineers. With the advent of establishment we have received name and recognition among the pioneers of this domain.

SNEHANKIT has patent the usage of POWERTEMPLE a breakthrough in the year 2000, and perfected up to 2003 that was perceived after years of dedication, observation, analysis and inferences .The product itself is unique and has benefits our clients on city and national level alike.

Research and Development


With the encouragement of MSED authorities, it was possible to design a foolproof system - standardize on its manufacturing drawings and also develop a prototype complete in all respects ready for connecting to HT supply and load.

The inventor was in continuous liaison with MSED authorities during the fabrication of prototype unit. Exhaust ventilating fans and rain water drainage system for slanting roof is also provided