A Revolutionary Concept for Energy Consumers upto 33kV

The Snehankit Power Temple is an enclosed system to operate 11 KV-22 KV - 33 KV high tension electric supply for the consumers of electric energy. It serves
both types of consumers - i.e. new establishments as well as converting existing consumers of overhead high tension sub-stations.

"Since the installation is enclosed totally by insulation material painted in attractive colours, it looks like a Temple"


On-Off switching arrangement of H.T. supply together with H.T. metering and safety fuses.

An insulation material housing within which entire unit is installed with clearances kept to minimum, as per I.E. Rules.
Insulators used are Raychem epoxy instead to porcelain, which reduces overall dimensions of the unit.

Snehankit Power Temple is a containerized switchgear and only needs to be placed on a raised R.C. pedestal connected to incoming supply and outgoing load cables. Unit is easy to lift, move and align.

Aesthetic and impressive in appearance, its attractive colours catch one's attention at the entrance of an installation site.

Objective Behind The Invention

The inventor being an electrical engineer with 20 years of electrical contracting experience with MSEB and industry, had experienced many problems with the existing 4 pole structures. These were mainly on account of :

  • Open atmosphere exposed system is uncomfortable while working during heavy downpour.

  • Faults developed in an open to atmosphere system are never-ending.

  • Life of components - insulators is less in an open system.

  • Though officially certified as safe, an open system can develop faults related to leakages which can be fatal.

  • Unwieldy dimensions of old system necessitated increase in the space requirements.

  • Old systems did not have moisture controlling facility.

  • Old system's metering unit was exposed and so also CT / PT primary and secondary, thus leading to tampering and theft of electrical energy.

Therefore it was deemed necessary to design a system which would obviate all the above problems whilst also offering an aesthetically attractive unit, easy to handle, compact and above all, more safe with longer life.


  • The No Tension Choice for High Tension Consumers.

  • Sparks falling on operator, faults caused due to birds, etc. are eliminated because the system is enclosed.

  • FRP enclosure, Unbreakable glass, Epoxy / Porcelain Insulators & Underground cabling.

  • Primary and Secondary of CT / PT are totally enclosed. Easy access for maintenance: height is less than 3 Meters, but the live contacts are not approachable.

  • Meter enclosure is tamper proof and allows opening only by authorized crew.

  • User friendly. G.O.D. (Gang Operating Devices) Operation has an easy to operate gear drive

  • Bus bars are made of copper and terminals are encased in High voltage (H.S.) Sleeves.

  • The front side gives easy access to the user. The doors will not open when G.O.D. is on.

  • Tamper proof-The back side of the Power Temple gives an exclusive access to the authorized electricity board personnel.

  • Existence of Light Glass and Sight glass enable checking the condition of contacts.

  • Additional Safety - LT. Breaker tripping facility can be provided for off-load isolation.